staircase wit
there is no easy way from the earth to the stars;

for future reference re: childbearing

  1. damalur: d'awwww
  2. damalur: "Oh and I’m definitely positively not allowed to watch his show. :)"
  3. damalur: HOW IS HE SO PERFECT
  4. damalur: WHY
  5. damalur: HOW
  6. odyle: LKDSJF:LDS
  7. damalur: RIGHT?
  8. damalur: HOW DOES HE EXIST
  9. odyle: IT IS A MIRACLE
  10. damalur: i don't think i've ever said this before, so brace yourself: i would bear that man's children
  11. damalur: i would literally carry the parasites of his seed in my womb
  12. damalur: i would do it happily
  13. odyle: o.o
  14. odyle: would you rear them as well?
  15. damalur: yes
  16. damalur: i would even bring them up
  17. damalur: as long as there was no more than one of them
  18. odyle: wow.
  19. damalur: i know, i know
  20. damalur: maybe even two
  21. odyle: If they were far enough apart?
  22. damalur: maybe even two *close in age*
  23. odyle: Jesus
  24. damalur: i would do sippy cups and bottles and not even hire a nanny
  25. damalur: not even nanny deb, who is my favorite
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